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Western Union Unit Ties Up to Ease B2B Payments in Japan, Landing International Launches Online Sales-Training Tool and Bad Bots Focus Attacks on Ecommerce Targets

Western Union Unit Ties Up to Ease B2B Payments in Japan

Western Union announced that the services of its arm - Western Union Business Solutions - will be used by the Japanese money transfer company, KYODAI Remittance, to fulfill B2B cross-border payments for corporate customers. 

This latest move highlights Western Union’s sincere efforts to seamlessly manage B2B international payments globally. Furthermore, this collaboration marks the first instance of Western Union Business Solutions joining forces with a Japanese money transfer company to facilitate B2B international payments. 

Initiatives similar to this one seem to be time opportune given the evolving landscape of the global B2B payments space. B2B transfers, which can be executed rapidly and at lower costs, are a boon for organizations. Companies can make use of advanced technologies for conducting these transfers, which reduces operational costs, eliminates regulatory barriers and results in higher client retention rates. 

What stood out to us? Western Union’s new slogan: Uniting Businesses with Possibilities

Landing International Launches Online Sales-Training Tool

Landing International, a B2B online marketplace for the beauty products industry, launched an online training tool to help brands and retailers teach sales professionals the best way to win over customers and sell more products.

For brands, “getting into retail is only half the battle,” said Adriana Lipsztein, VP of Landing Agency, Landing’s brand service department. “Historically, retail training demands brand budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, with full-time employees or high-price contractors visiting individual stores to train sales staff.”

Landing developed its online training tool to let brands and merchants reach and train retail staff digitally - a method that has become more valuable amid the safety precautions for personnel during the pandemic. In addition to product descriptions and images, brands can upload how-to videos and information on industry trends to further educate retail sales associates.

What stood out to us? Is technology the next great equalizer?

Bad Bots Focus Attacks on Ecommerce Targets

According to a new report from Barracuda Networks, a worldwide leader in security, application delivery and data protection solutions, nearly two-fifths (39%) of all internet traffic is comprised of “bad bot” activity, with ecommerce assets most at risk of attack. 

The report revealed that automated traffic accounts for the vast majority (64%) of all internet traffic today - including search engine crawlers and social media bots. However, only a quarter (25%) of this can be labelled “good bot” activity. Much more is the result of automated scripts attempting account hijacking, web scraping and more. 

Barracuda warned that ecommerce apps and login portals are the most common target of advanced bots - which are harder to detect as they closely imitate human behavior. “When left unchecked, these bad bots can steal data, affect site performance, and even lead to a breach,” explained Nitzan Miron, VP of product management, application security. “That’s why it’s critically important to detect and effectively block bot traffic.”

What stood out to us? Does anyone have any bot spray handy?

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