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Furniture in a living room Online Furniture Sales Growth was the 2019 leader in online furniture sales and is the fastest grower within online furniture markets. Inc. and Inc. make up 63% of sales for online furniture markets, and in 2019, Wayfair had the largest market share with 33.4% of online furniture sales. Amazon was second with a 29.7% market share, and was third with only 4.7% of the online furniture market. “To compete with the selection offered by online-only merchants, bricks-and-mortar merchants have shifted to carrying only a fraction of their inventory in-store, and instead are driving consumers to shop online,” says Matt Pace, senior director at 1010data, a data analytics tracking firm.

What stood out to us? Sitting on a couch shopping for a couch.


Peapod Ends Midwest Sales

Peadpod, a leader in online grocery retailing, will stop shipping orders in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana to focus on helping its sister supermarket chains on the East Coast. The company announced it will shut down distribution on February 18 and will lay off approximately 500 employees. Since major food retailers have embraced ecommerce, Peapod is moving away from selling groceries to becoming a technology provider for the East Coast U.S. supermarket chains owned by its corporate parents, Ahold Delhaize of the Netherlands. “This move will enable us to fully focus on markets where we have strong store density, leading market share, and a longstanding heritage of customer loyalty,” said Kevin Holt, CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA.

What stood out to us? Maybe Peapod should deliver furniture. A couch cushion may taste fresher than their cold cuts.

A woman texting

Walmart Shuts Down Personal Shopping Service

Walmart is shutting down its experimental personal shopping service, Jet black, after struggling to find additional investment and adoption. This service allowed New York-based customers to place orders via text message for home delivery. Jet black will no longer accept new orders and will refund customers their most recent $50 membership fee. Walmart is spinning the shutdown as a learning experience, saying that part of the initiative was to test and build technology that could one day be applied to other parts of the business. “We’ve learned a lot through Jet black, including how customers respond to the ability of ordering by text as well as the type of items they purchase through texting,” says Scott Eckert, SVP, Next Generation Retail and Principal, Store No 8. “We’re eager to apply these learnings from Jet black and leverage its core capabilities within Walmart.”

What stood out to us? No more texts about five gallon pales of cheese puffs on sale? I am losing my soul mate.

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