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Stack Sports Chooses Znode, Paypal to Acquire Honey, and UPS Rates Increase

Stack Sports Znode Little League Baseball

Stack Sports Chooses Znode for Headless Commerce

Stack Sports is dedicated to removing barriers for setting up and managing web stores selling apparel for youth sports leagues, and one way it achieves this is through headless commerce. In a recent article from Digital Commerce 360, Stack shares how it uses Znode, an enterprise B2B ecommerce platform and product of Amla Commerce, to make it as simple as possible for sports leagues to set up an online store. This included leveraging Znode’s headless architecture to develop a 10- to 20-click process for sports leagues to create an online store. Stack also used Znode to set up numerous unique store within a six-month period, in time for the spring sports season. “A lot of leagues want an online store, but don’t have the time or resources to set it up,” says Jason Prior, senior product manager for Stack Sports. “Ecommerce grew out of our core mission to help youth sports leagues.”

What stood out to us?

Smart choice.

Shopping online with Paypal on laptop

Paypal to Acquire Coupon App Honey for $4B

Paypal is set to make its largest acquisition yet. The online payment company will reportedly acquire Honey Science Corp. for about $4 billion. Honey is a startup and mobile application that collects data on shopper buying habits and identifies online coupons for the shopper to use. Over 17 million shoppers uses the Honey mobile app or browser extension. Paypal will use Honey to give its customers better shopping experiences, and provide them with personalized offers. “You can expect us to be acquisitive going forward,” says Paypal CEO Dan Schulman. “Acquisitions are part of who we are on an ongoing basis.”

What stood out to us?

Acquisitive [adjective] (ac·​quis·​i·​tive): strongly desirous of acquiring and possessing. [adjective] (ac·​quis·​i·​tive): strongly desirous of acquiring and possessing.

UPS packages on front door

UPS Increases Rates by 4.9% for 2020

The 2020 price hike for the biggest name in fulfillment and shipping is coming soon. UPS announced that it will increase its rates 4.9% for UPS Ground, UPS Air, and International services for 2020, and new rates will take effect on December 29. FedEx is raising its rates to 4.9% as well, with FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, and FedEx Home Delivery all being raised this coming January. This rate hike stems from UPS needing to support expansion and capability enhancements, such as the company’s recent seven days a week services and increased number of package drop off locations. “Retailers will now be figuring out how the new 2020 rates will impact shipping spend, then working out whether they can renegotiate them, pass them onto customers or mitigate them through reorganization.” says Forrester Research principle analyst George Lawrie.

What stood out to us?

FedEx is also raising rates 4.9% as well. Isn’t this collusion?

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