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Online Sales Jump 49% and BOPIS Grows 208%, Amazon Foreign Domains Cited for Helping Counterfeiters and UPS Daily Volume Up 8.5%

Online shopping on an Ipad

Online Sales Jump 49%, BOPIS Grows 208%

U.S. ecommerce sales have increased 49% for daily average online sales from March 12 to April 11, compared to the daily average online sales from March 1 to March 11. Many of these online orders have been purchased for BOPIS (buy online pick up in store), and these types of orders have increased 208% from April 1 to April 20 compared to a year ago. Grocery, alcohol and books are a few of categories that spiked this online sales surge during COVID-19, including:

  • 110% increase in U.S. online grocery sales for daily average online sales from March 12 to April 11, compared to daily average online sales from March 1 to March 11.
  • 75% increase in online alcohol sales from March 12 to April 21 compared with March 1 to March 11.
  • 100% increase in online book sales from March 12 to April 12 compared with March 1 to March 11.

What stood out to us? Covid will be the great accelerator of the death of retail. 

Amazon boxes

Amazon Foreign Domains Cited for Helping Counterfeiters

The United States identified five of Inc.’s foreign domains as notorious markets and are planning to seek more information on them. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representatives listed Amazon’s platforms in Germany, France, Canada, India and the United Kingdom in an annual report to Congress. This year’s report focuses on the nexus between online piracy and malware, and lists a United States headquartered company’s foreign domains. According to USTR, approximately $500 billion of imports worldwide are counterfeit or pirated. According to a statement from Amazon, “This purely political act is another example of the Administration’s notorious pattern of using the U.S. government to advance a personal vendetta against Amazon.” 

What stood out to us? If only the Notorious B.I.G. were alive and involved.

UPS delivery man

UPS Daily Volume Up 8.5%

As shoppers are stuck at home and ordering more online, shipping carriers are busier than ever. UPS reported its average daily sales volume was up 8.5% for the first quarter, which ended March 30. In total, its overall revenue increased 5.1% to $18.04 billion, compared with $17.16 billion in Q1 2019. Breaking out of U.S. revenue, it grew 9.3% to $11.456 billion, compared to $10.480 billion in Q1 2019. “The world is counting on UPS more than ever before as we support the people on the front lines of this crisis and our customers with speed, ingenuity and reliability,” said CEO David Abney in the company’s earnings report.

What stood out to us? As the US Postal Service teeters on the brink of bankruptcy. Hmmm.

In the headlines

  • A drop in sales: eBay’s US sales drop 3.8% in Q1 2020.
  • Delivery by drone: UPS partners with CVS on residential drone delivery in Florida.
  • Surging sales: Amazon’s North America sales surge 29% in Q1 as coronavirus drives demand.
  • Dark days: J. Crew mulls bankruptcy.

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