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New York Sales Tax, Brexit’s Ecommerce Impact and Walgreens’ New Digital Healthcare

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New York’s Online Sales Tax

New York has put their online sales tax into effect with no time to spare. They have established which out-of-state sellers need to collect sales tax for orders that were placed within the state, and unlike other states that have established sales tax laws, they aren’t giving much leeway to merchants. New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance released a guidance which highlights that out-of-state sellers need to collect and remit sales tax if, ”the cumulative total of the person's gross receipts from sales of tangible personal property delivered into the state exceeded $300,000,” and “such person made more than 100 sales of tangible personal property delivered in the state.” Needless to say, change is happening quickly.

What stood out to us? We’ve said it before, taxation without representation, people.

Why should you care? We see a trend. Good time to invest in Avalara stock.


Brexit’s Ecommerce Impact

As far as ecommerce goes, the United Kingdom is a major leader in Europe, with approximately 86% of UK users shopping online in 2017. However, now that the UK is leaving the European Digital Single Market, uncertainty looms. Here are some of the major burning questions: What will Brexit bring for domestic online retailers? How will international sellers be affected? Will these new regulations affect sellers? The European ecommerce and omni-channel trade association (EMOTA) explains some of these burning questions in more detail. They explain there will likely be “serious disruptions in cross-channel trade since all products will have to pass customs, product conformity procedures and other disruptors.” With this being said, EU legislation affected by ecommerce includes GDPR, Consumer Rights Directive (CRD), Regulation on Cross-border Parcel Delivery, just to name a few.

What stood out to us? First India, now the UK. Can’t we all just get along?

Why should you care? Don’t blink… you might miss something.

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Walgreens, Microsoft Digital Healthcare

Walgreens is going to begin using Microsoft’s Azure cloud-computing software to design “digital health corners” to build digital tools for customers in a seven year partnership. This includes artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver improved telehealth and reduce emergency room visits. In efforts to fight off giants like Amazon, Walgreens is beginning to move their applications and data over to Azure. This digital healthcare deal will start in 2019 with about 12 stores. The intention of this new design is to promote the sale of health related devices in hopes of helping patients manage chronic diseases. In addition to Walgreens using Azure, the overall agreement included a commitment for Walgreens to use Microsoft 365.

What stood out to us? Can hosting and Office365 save brick and mortar?

Why should you care? AI predicts Amazon wins the long race.

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