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Kellogg, Forrester’s Acquisition and Amazon’s New Record

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Kellogg's B2B Growth

Kellogg’s, widely known for their catchy Frosted Flakes jingle, is growing their B2B presence through digital commerce. Kellogg’s generates about $13 billion in revenue, and ecommerce accounts for 2% to 3% of that. In other words, Kellogg’s does around $715 million in ecommerce sales and $325 million in B2B ecommerce sales. Kellogg’s has made many smart decisions to help grow their ecommerce presence, like hiring former Walmart CEO as their B2C executive, former Tyson Foods chief growth officer as their chief revenue and ecommerce officer. Forrester Research believes Kellogg’s B2B ecommerce presence will generate $1.2 trillion in as little as two years - now that’s impressive.

What stood out to us? Kellogg’s ecommerce is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

Why should you care? Not having an ecommerce strategy is scarier than running into Count Chocula in a dark alley.

Forrester and SiriusDecisions account chart

Forrester to Acquire SiriusDecisions

Forrester Research, a research and advisory firm, is in the process of acquiring SiriusDecisions,  a global B2B research firm, for $245 million in cash. SirusDecisions has 3,500 accounts with only 278 overlapping with Forrester, which shows how incredible that growth will be. This acquisition creates a number of opportunities for Forrester, such as cross selling-services and international growth plans. With this acquisition, Forrester is predicted to add approximately $100 million in revenue in 2019 and add 10 to 20 cents per share.

What stood out to us? This is big, B2B big.

Why should you care? Your Forrester account manager will be calling you shortly with an exciting new offer.

Forrester photo from ZDnet.

Man delivering a package

Amazon’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday Record

Amazon reached a new record with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year, selling 18 million toys and 13 million pieces of apparel. In total, over 180 million items were purchased. Though Amazon did not release exact numbers, it’s estimated that Cyber Monday reached approximately $7.9 billion in sales, roughly a 20% increase from last year. These numbers successfully created a new record for Amazon, leaving past years in the dust.

What stood out to us? Nothing. We were too busy opening packages from Amazon.

Why should you care? The recycling bin is overflowing with cardboard boxes.

In the headlines

  • Black Friday’s big day: Online sales hit $6.2B billion… with smartphones accounting for $2.1B of it.
  • Oracle’s digital assistant: Will this help boost Oracle’s operational productivity? Time will tell.
  • Hey Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots: Alexa can now help you do just that now, just in time for the season of giving.
  • Marie Claire is more than just a simple magazine: They’ve developed a content driven ecommerce site.

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