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Instagram, Sears and Walmart: The latest in ecommerce

This week’s Dose highlights: Ecommerce opportunities companies and social platforms capitalized on, missed out on, and social media news that changes your shopping and customer experience.

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Instagram’s new ecommerce feature

In a recent update, Instagram users are now able to shop directly from their stories. When companies share content on their Instagram stories, they can now add a sticker that enables users to learn more or buy the featured product. Users have already been able to shop directly from Instagram posts, but this new addition enhances the overall shopping journey. Staying with the ecommerce trend, Instagram is considering launching a standalone shopping app. This change would not only add a new dimension of ecommerce to Instagram, but offer an expansion for Instagram and their users.

What stood out to us? Instagram is not just for sharing photos anymore. This new update is a considerable change to the ecommerce and social media industry, showing how incorporating these two together can result in major success. People don’t always like having advertisements in their face, but adding stickers into stories lets companies market products in a less obtrusive way, while still giving followers the Instagram experience they want. Pretty smart, right? We thought so.

Why should you care? If you use Instagram personally or professionally, this affects you. If you’re selling a product that is also being shared on social media, you should consider using this new feature to get the most out of your marketing and ecommerce efforts. If you’re using Instagram for pleasure, your shopping experience has just been made even more simple.

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Sears and their missed ecommerce opportunity

What was once the Amazon of the retail world is no more. Sears has filed for bankruptcy after being in business for 125 years. One of the biggest reasons behind this major decline has to do with ecommerce, and their inability to maintain business as customers move towards online shopping options, like Amazon. Sears’ online sales hit a low in 2013 and continued to decrease thereafter.

What stood out to us? We already know how hot the ecommerce industry is, but examples like these prove how dominant the online industry is. Other brands like Walmart have identified these trends, embraced them, and as a result, have begun to see a return on investment.

Why should you care? All good things must come to end. Well, this doesn’t always have to be the case if you’re able to keep up with the times and incorporate trends that are happening right in front of you. Ecommerce isn’t going anywhere, and it will only continue to grow over the years. If you ignore it, you might be the next Sears. Let that soak in for a minute.

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Walmart predicting 35% online sales increase

Keeping up with ecommerce trends, Walmart won’t fall victim to the dreaded case of Sears, Bon-Ton or Toys R Us stores. With their grocery store pick up locations, grocery deliveries, new products and recent acquisitions, Walmart is planning on expanding their ecommerce sales by 35%. Some of their most recent acquisitions include Bare Necessities, Eloquii and Flipkart, their biggest purchase to date. All of these moves are furthering Walmart’s position as a powerful player in the ecommerce space.

What stood out to us? Walmart is a great example of incorporating new platforms, ideas and changes to a company in order to keep it alive and thriving. Changes can be hard for companies and organizations to make, but more often than not, they’re pivotal.

Why should you care? Walmart is an American giant that has been around for years, and clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is a prime example of an organization that is growing with the ecommerce industry and catering to the needs of their audience. Take this as a good lesson of listening to the wants and needs of your customers and making changes to incorporate them. Listen to your consumers, they will give you the answers you are looking for.

In the Headlines

  • Amazon is going green, and not with envy: Amazon has announced two initiatives that are focused on reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Russian into the ecommerce industry:Russia is planning on growing their ecommerce industry by 170% in the next five years. 
  • Mall shopping isn’t what it used to be: Malls are moving away from festive offers as online retailers continue to be discount shopping destinations.
  • Hey Alexa, will you drive $10 billion in sales by 2020?: Alexa is on track to make just that.

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