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Honeywell’s B2B Aerospace Market, Online Vending Machine Sales and Millennials Push For Truckers

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Honeywell’s B2B Aerospace Market

Honeywell, a manufacturer and seller of avionics and parts for helicopters and planes realized there was a market gap when it came to the $4 billion market.... the ability to shop for parts online with prices, images and documentation all in one place. Honeywell Aerospace is changing that with their new B2B aviation marketplace, taking ecommerce lessons from sites like and went live in December 2018, and since then, six major aerospace companies have opened online stores. Though the aerospace market is competitive, it’s not very popular in the B2B sphere, which is what Honeywell is planning to change. Honeywell’s goal by the end of next year is to have 100 companies in the online marketplace.

What stood out to us? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Honeywell!

Why should you care? Companies building robust B2B ecommerce experiences are flying ahead of the competition

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Vending Machines Q1 Ecommerce Sales

Internet vending machines are placed at various customer locations, with products ranging from work gloves to drills. Despite tariffs and market pressures, MSC Industrial Supply Co. saw an 8.7% increase in year-over-year ecommerce sales for Q1, an 8.2% sales increase. By the end of Q1, ecommerce sales accounted for 60.1% of total sales, a 59.8% increase from the year-earlier quarter. In other words, sales increased to $499.790 million from $459.60 million. What are most of these sales accounting for? Internet vending machines and

What stood out to us? Do you have change for a dollar? I need to buy a bag of chips and a drill bit.

Why should you care? Don’t confuse the chips and drill bit at lunch.

Truck driving by the mountains

Millennials, Ecommerce and Trucker Jobs

Millennials have made the news again, this time for creating new richesfor truck drivers. While more and more people are buying large products online such as treadmills and appliances, trucking companies are booming. J.B. Hunt is going to pay $100 million for a New Jersey company that delivers large items to customers, and XPO Logistics Inc. recently made four acquisitions in hopes of creating a network of carriers to track deliveries. In 2018, last-mile deliveries accounted for $8.9 billion, a 10% increase the year before. “Millennials buy everything online. They’re comfortable making those purchases sight unseen,” said John Hill, president and chief commercial officer of Pilot Freight Services. This major growth has to do with online merchants wanting the same service and tracking options customers see with companies like FedEx and USPS.

What stood out to us?This is a precursor to the resurrection of the Firebird Trans Am and The Bandit as a means to distracting Smokey from refrigerator convoys.

Why should you care? Casting calls for Bo Darville should be announced soon!

In the headlines

  • The Amazon effect: It’s part of major ecommerce changes happening in 2019.
  • Microsoft and Kroger are hungry for change: That’s why they’ve paired up to help fight off Amazon.
  • Walmart’s driverless cars: This is Walmart’s new initiative for faster online grocery delivery.
  • Interactive fitting rooms: American Eagle is testing them out at their flagship stores.

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