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Google Tries to Turn YouTube Into Shopping Destination, Hand Sanitizer Demand Leads to New B2B Ecommerce Channel and Amazon Releases Holiday Gift Guides

YouTube application on a cellphone

Google Tries to Turn YouTube Into Major Shopping Destination

Each and every toy, gadget and good you see on YouTube could soon be for sale online - not on Amazon, but on YouTube itself. The world’s largest video site recently started asking creators to use YouTube software to tag and track products featured in their clips. The data will then be linked to analytics and shopping tools from parent company Google. The goal is to convert YouTube’s bounty of videos into a vast catalog of items that viewers can pursue, click on and buy directly, according to people familiar with the situation. 

What stood out to us? Probably good for “how to videos” and influencers.

Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Demand Leads to New B2B Ecommerce Channel

Not only has the pandemic increased consumer demand for hand sanitizer among customers, but businesses have also significantly ramped up their purchases, too. Recognizing businesses’ growing demand for hand sanitizer, Touchland, a supplier of its own brands of hand sanitizer and dispensers, decided to expand its ecommerce sales channel from direct-to-consumer to include B2B sales. As part of the process, the company made its KUB hand sanitizer dispenser its flagship product for its new B2B ecommerce channel. “We had been selling KUB (pronounced cube) to companies such as Chase Bank and [outdoor clothier] Canada Goose, which were putting KUB in their retail locations, but with COVID-19 accelerating demand for the hand sanitizer, and our B2B customers looking for a more digitally native purchasing experience, we decided to build out the B2B side of our business by creating the Touchland for Business website,” says Ed Krafcik, head of business development for Touchland. “A lot of the companies we are selling to have never purchased hand sanitizer prior to COVID-19.”

What stood out to us? The birth of a new ecommerce channel, the death of natural immune systems.

Holiday gift

Amazon Releases Holiday Gift Guides Prior to Prime Day

It's not clear how this holiday season will play out, but retailers are preparing to serve customers despite the pandemic's shopping disruptions. Ahead of its Amazon Prime Day shopping event, Amazon released its holiday gift guides for toys, electronics, home goods and other categories. Customers can shop using Alexa prompts such as, “Alexa, give me holiday gift ideas," the company said. The ecommerce giant is offering eligible Prime members with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card or Amazon Prime Store Card 10% back on certain items between October 5 and October 2 across its electronics, home and toy gift guides.

What stood out to us? At this rate, by 2025 holiday shopping will start right around the 4th of July.

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