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Disney and Levi’s Snapchat shop, Target Free Shipping and Blue Apron

Man trying on Disney hat on Snapchat

Disney, Levi’s Snapchat shop

If you’re looking for a magically virtual experience, this may come close. Levi’s has partnered with Snapchat to sell Disney merchandise at their store in Disney Springs. Customers can use Snapchat and its augmented reality lens to virtually try on a limited-edition Mickey Mouse cap. How does this work, you may ask? Put your front facing camera on and Snapchat will place the hat on your head. When you’re ready to buy, simply click the “Shop Now”  button.

What stood out to us? Nostalgia.

Why should you care? Who wouldn’t want to try on a virtual Mickey Mouse hat on Snapchat? If Snapchat or Disney isn’t your cup of tea, you have to at least admit it’s a cool idea. Don’t kid yourself.

Snapchat photo by Tommy Palladino/Next Reality 

Target Logo

Target’s free 2-day shipping

Target isn’t letting its competitors scare them… or offer better deals than them. If you remember last week’s edition of The Dose, we touched on Walmart expanding their 2-day shipping. Clearly, this idea caught on. Target is beginning free 2-day shipping with no minimum price requirement from November 1 to December 22. This is a smart move for Target, because although Walmart is also promoting this offer, they have a $35 minimum requirement.

What stood out to us? Everyone in the ecommerce industry has a Target on their back.

Why should you care? Isn’t free shipping already a standard? It will be now.

Vegetable Basket

Blue Apron, partnership, an ecommerce company acquired by Walmart, has partnered with Blue Apron to offer online meal kits on Jet’s online and mobile platforms. This comes at a time when is trying to stay ahead of its competitors also selling online groceries, such as Amazon and Whole Foods. This is a big announcement, because it’s the first time Blue Apron has partnered with an outside retailer to sell their meal kits. These meals will only be available in select locations for same-day or next-day delivery.

What stood out to us? This is all about execution.

Why should you care? If you’re working long hours on that failed Magento upgrade, you can still enjoy fresh meals.

In the headlines

  • $34 billion: That’s how much IBM’s acquisition of Red Hat was worth
  • C-ing the future: CVS is testing online memberships while Amazon is continuing to be a major threat to pharmacies.
  • Kayaks, diamonds, vacations, oh my: That’s what some ecommerce retailers are offering to find more employees for the holidays.
  • Wait, how much monthly income is spent online? About one third to be exact.

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