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B2B Ecommerce Sales Hits $1 Trillion, India’s New Ecommerce Rules and Caterpillar’s Mobile Push

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B2B Ecommerce Sales Hits $1 Trillion

You read that right, folks. The B2B ecommerce market hit $1 trillion in 2018, an increase from 2017’s total of $969 billion. The $1.134 trillion total is 18.9% higher than Forrester Research Inc.’s initial prediction of $954 billion. The numbers don’t stop there. Forrester is predicting that this market will soon hit $2 trillion, and that B2B ecommerce sales will account for 17% of total B2B sales in the United States by 2023.

What stood out to us? Trillion is the new billion, at least in B2B ecommerce.

Why should you care? Like we just said, trillion is the new billion.

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Walmart, Amazon Hurt By India’s Ecommerce Rules

India is tightening their ecommerce rules for foreign companies operating in the country, hitting businesses like Amazon and Walmart the hardest. New Indian rules would completely ban foreign ecommerce companies to sell exclusive products such as smartphones. Not only that, but it would close a loophole that previously let foreign online retailers sell their own products through affiliated companies. This potentially means Amazon won’t be able to sell their own exclusive products, such as Alexa, at discounted prices. Walmart and Amazon have invested a lot of money into India’s ecommerce market. Amazon has spent billions on their operations while also acquiring a 49% stake in an Indian supermarket chain. In addition, Walmart acquired Flipkart back in April, India’s biggest ecommerce company.

What stood out to us? Why doesn’t India just ban ecommerce?

Why should you care? Do we see Alibaba 2.0 on the horizon?

Photo by Abhishek Chinnappa/Reuters

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Caterpillar's Mobile Ecommerce Push

Caterpillar, a global leader in manufacturing heavy equipment for construction and mining equipment, has seen the light… the light of a phone screen, that is. Caterpillar is expanding their ecommerce side of business, particularly with mobile. In 2017, the company had approximately $45.4 billion in sales, and investors in the company believe that expanding their ecommerce presence will only help those numbers increase. Recently, Caterpillar released an app called Cat App, which allows customers to monitor parts, place orders, and more. Other specialty apps are also offered and upcoming initiatives for 2019 are in the works.

What stood out to us? Buy a bulldozer on your iPhone. Ha!

Why should you care? Looks like Caterpillar is blossoming into an ecommerce butterfly.

In the headlines

  • A whole lot of Amazon: Amazon is reportedly planning a Whole Foods expansion.
  • Apple vs. China: Apple cut its quarterly sale estimates, with China being a major driving force.
  • Walking into B2B sales: Payless Shoes is branching out with a focus on ecommerce and B2B sales.

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