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Amazon’s Dark Day, Smartphone Trade-Ins and Surging Holiday Sales

Amazon boxes

Amazon moves off oracle, experiences outage

It was a dark Prime Day for Amazon. As they were working on moving off Oracle’s database software, they experienced a major outage in one of their largest warehouse facilities in addition to their website crashing. This only underscores what a big challenge Amazon will face in achieving their goal of moving off Oracle’s database completely by 2020. If this all wasn’t bad enough, this occurred on Prime Day, leading to approximately 15,000 delayed packages, $90,000 in lost labor and millions of dollars in sales. Amazon engineers filled out a 25 page report explaining that Amazon was not able to determine the main cause of the glitch and that no contingency plan was created in case a similar issue happens with their new database, Aurora PostgreSQL.

What stood out to us? Nobody's perfect.

Why should you care? We all secretly like seeing big companies like Amazon go through technical issues here and there. Don't kid yourself, you know it's amusing.

Women listening to smart phone

eBay’s trade-in service for smartphones

eBay has launched a new service to let customers trade-in their old smartphones. Instant Selling lets customers list their phone information online and receive a voucher that can be used towards a different phone. With this service, you’re getting paid instantly, but not in cash. Instead, with a voucher. There are a number of phones that are currently accepted, and more are being added to the list in November. For customers interested in the service that meet the criteria, they can visit and begin the process of listing and trading.

What stood out to us? We want new phones.

Why should you care? How's that battery life of yours?

Holiday sales and presents

Online holiday sales to increase 22%

Oh, there’s no place like the internet for the holidays. This is definitely the case for the upcoming holiday season. Deloitte is anticipating ecommerce sales to increase up to 22% and reach $128 to $134 billion this year. There are different projections for growth, such as Forrester’s estimate of 13.5% and Internet Retailer of 15.5%. The numbers vary, but in the end, this upcoming holiday season is looking like it will be the biggest one to date for ecommerce sales.

What stood out to us? We need to get that online shopping done before it's too late.

Why should you care? Get those ugly sweaters ordered before FedEx and UPS get backlogged in all those deliveries.

In the headlines

  • 2-day shipping? Yes, please: Walmart is expanding their 2-day shipping on third-party items and in-store returns. Looks like they’re sticking to their mission of helping people live better.
  • Going, going, gone.. And going again: Ex-Go Pro executive launches a clothing startup, but there’s a twist.
  • Fasten(al) your seatbelts: Fastenal’s ecommerce sales have hit $100 million, and they’re not slowing down.
  • Living, breathing and eating in a virtual world: Uber creates online-only restaurants, putting a new spin on dining out.

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