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Amazon Voice Payment Future, Protolabs’ New Facility and Walmart In-Home Grocery Delivery

Amazon Enthusiastic on Future of Voice Payments

Your voice may be the key to the future of commerce, literally. While speaking with CNBC during the Money 20/20 conference, Amazon Pay VP Patrick Gaunthier said that voice payments would represent a “new era in commerce.” “It is akin to what happened with mobile maybe 10 years ago,” says Gaunthier. “Or even with ecommerce 20 years ago.” While a bold claim, this obviously isn't unfounded. Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo products have been gaining momentum for years, and according to eMarketer, are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone. Even with concerns of security when using voice recognition for a transaction, Amazon remains confident that it’s the future.“The potential is phenomenal,” added Gaunthier. “We are exploring how to augment the customer experience before, during and after the purchase.”

What stood out to us? Voice impressionists are excited about this too.

Protolabs Opens New Production Facility to Meet Manufacturing Needs

Protolabs, a provider of digital manufacturing services such as custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, has just opened a new production facility. The Minneapolis-based facility totals 215,000 square feet, houses 300 mills and lathes, and is the company’s 12th manufacturing plant. Protolabs is adding this new facility to keep up with the growing need for on-demand manufacturing, including parts made through injection molding ordered by B2B buyers. “Our investments are focused on continuing to be the world’s largest and fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototyping and on-demand production,” says Protolabs CEO Vicki Holt. “B2B ecommerce is just at the beginning.”

What stood out to us? Finally, a source of on-demand parts to keep Millennium Falcon running.

Walmart will Deliver Groceries Inside Shoppers’ Homes

In a move to further compete with Amazon’s expedient offerings, Walmart will start delivering groceries inside shoppers’ homes and refrigerators. This new in-home delivery option will begin in three cities this fall, and the company will assess expanding the option across the U.S. from there. To have in-home deliveries, shopper must install a smart lock on their door or garage, make an order through the Walmart online shop or app, and then an employee wearing a camera device will deliver groceries straight to the shopper’s garage or kitchen. “You might think it’s a lot more expensive...the time to get [groceries] into the fridge, but we can batch the deliveries,” says Marc Lore, Head of Walmart U.S. Ecommerce. “The actual delivery cost is a lot cheaper, [and] that offsets the timing to go into the home and fridge.”

What stood out to us? Time to clean the kitchen.

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