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Amazon and India’s Deal, Chemical Makers’ B2B Global Marketplace and Illy Coffee Subscription Surge

Amazon device

Amazon, India Cut Deal To Return Online Products

India’s new ecommerce regulations caused a rippling effect to many online retailers, hitting those like Amazon and Walmart hard. However, Amazon has recently cut a deal to bring back thousands of suspended products by selling a large amount of the company’s stake in Cloudtail, a local venture partner. Amazon sold 25% of its shares to Prione Business Services Pvt, leaving Prione owning 76% of the venture. The remaining 24% is owned by a non-Indian branch of Amazon Asia Pacific Resources Ltd. This deal allowed Amazon to have their products released from the freeze that started when the new ecommerce regulations derailed many online retailers plans.

What stood out to us? Amazon’s immediate move to get back to market.

Why should you care? This is fun stuff.

Chemistry test tubes

Chemical Makers’ Global Marketplace

CheMondis, a marketplace currently using over 200 companies to buy and sell chemicals, has identified a grey space when it comes to ecommerce in the chemical industry. Lanxess AG, a chemical manufacturer with $11.1 billion annual sales based in Germany, has announced CheMondus as an international B2B marketplace for buyers and sellers of products such as acids, bio-based materials solvents, pigments, purification agents and agrochemicals. CheMondis will continue operations in Europe, but in time will expand to other global markets such as North America.

What stood out to us? Mondis and Lanxess have some serious chemistry going on.

Why should you care? Amazon will soon be entering this market and Prime members will get free two hour shipping on acids, bio-based materials solvents and pigments. JK.

Coffee mugs

Illy Coffee Subscription Surge

Illy Coffee, an online Italian coffee shop selling espresso, coffee and espresso machines is brewing up ecommerce success with their growing subscriptions. Illy Coffee has had a subscription program since 1999 when the coffee brand initially launched online, but over the last few years, Illy added text messages for reorders and improved their subscription program on their website. For this coffee business, the bulk of their online business comes from subscriptions. Numbers are in Illy’s favor, showing that 6% of customers who receive text messages convert to a sale.

What stood out to us? Illy is brewing up a great ecommerce strategy!

Why should you care? Check your phone. We just texted the answer.

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  • Kroger is hungry: For meal kits, that is. Kroger is planning on adding meal kits to 500 more stores.
  • Be my Valentine?: 1-800-Flowers is getting ready for the big day of love with their new voice commerce and digital gift tool.
  • Amazon headquarters backlash: With a great amount of opposition, Amazon is reconsidering their New York HQ2 site.

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