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Project Manager


Amla Commerce is a global software company that has grown out of the belief that ecommerce software should enable sustainable growth. Amla has two products, Artifi Labs and Znode. Artifi Labs is an ecommerce product customization platform that allows shoppers to personalize, customize, and configure products. Znode is a B2B multi-channel ecommerce platform developed with an API-first architecture, combined with native B2B functionality and flexible data model, allowing for easy management of manufacturers' and distributors' B2B, B2C, and B2B2X business models.

At Amla, we are building something special. Awesome ecommerce software and a great place to be yourself. Don’t be surprised if you smell beer on Friday afternoons. We put passion into our work but enjoy cracking jokes along the way. Our teams tackle complex challenges and work together to create innovative solutions, and we celebrate every little victory along the way. If you’re ready to tackle opportunities that will help grow your career while joining a team that’s more like a family, Amla is waiting for you.


Amla Commerce is recruiting a Project Manager for the India location. The PM is expected to take responsibility for the project and complete it within a given timeline. He/She is expected to fulfill customer requirements with intended quality (quality bar set with the help of customer). PM is expected to keep stakeholder informed on progress, obstacles/hurdles/risk and work towards minimizing/removing it. This is a full-time position to ensure we have a happy and productive workplace where everyone works to realize our established mission and objectives. Promoting corporate values and shaping a positive culture is a vital aspect of a complete Project Manager role.

Key Responsibilities

  • Analysis and Planning
    • Understand vision of customer for the project, business model, users & their role in the project.
    • Understand requirements of the project on a broader view (Major functionalities)
    • Analyze and understand project cost, scope, timeline, assumption and out of scope items with the help of onsite Program Manager and team.
    • Create project plan and project charter in collaboration with onsite Program Manager.
    • Create Resource plan and form a balanced team in collaboration with onsite Program Manager.
    • Create Communication plan (reporting structure, formats and frequency (how often project status/information needs to be shared).
    • Gather required infrastructure for the project (hardware and software).
    • Gather Logistics (Meeting IDs), conference call, FTP details, Test server & Staging server, database server, version control server etc).
    • Setup tools with the help of project team, tech lead and support group.
    • Setup PMT with the help of DM
    • Setup Bug Tracker with QA manager (shared group)
    • Setup Design/HTML staging server with the help of IT support, design team & HTML team.
    • Setup Version control server with the help of Tech Lead/SSE
    • Setup Database Server with the help of DBA & Tech lead/SSE
    • Setup FTP account, Test server & Staging server with the help of IT support and Tech lead/SSE
    • Ensure all settings have taken place correctly.
    • Document and share all the required information on infrastructure with the team.
  • Management – Tracking and Monitoring
    • Manage Tasks (prioritize, assign), collaborate with shared resources.
      • Manage timelines, holidays, resources leaves, resources backup planning. o Measure and monitor burn rate vs. output, overall timeline, overall quality.
      • Track change requests.
      • Track proper utilization of resources. Identify resource dependency from time to time and take corrective action.
      • Track project scope regularly and provide updates to onsite PM from time to time.
      • Track project cost and work diligently to keep it under control.
    • Track project progress against plan and provide updates to onsite PM on deviation if any.
      • Keep eye on any risk and update stakeholders immediately.
      • Plan and ensure that workload is balanced among team members considering their roles.
  • Communication & Reporting
    • Provide necessary visibility to the Delivery Manager (DM).
      Project status, quality, risks, resource performance etc
    • Provide information to onsite PM on out of scope items requested by customer, if any
    • Raise risk ASAP (functionalities taking much more time than expected, task requires R & D, Resource crunch/leaves etc)
    • Provide visibility on change request (Effect on budget, timeline, resourcing)
    • Make sure to remove communication gaps between all stakeholders and the team. Plan and ensure team is communicating effectively.
  • Processes & Collaboration
    • Keep information/knowledge of all processes to be followed. If not completely aware of any process, get it cleared from the respective team members.
    • Follow all processes without being reminded (Timesheet filling, task status update, proper usage of version controls etc).
    • Always come prepared in meetings and participate in discussion.
    • On calling meetings, share proper agenda before hand and conduct meetings according to agenda.
  • Team management, mentoring and coaching
    • Make sure every team member understands their role and expectations from them in the project
    • Analyze team performance and coach them from time to time
    • Identify team’s training needs and share it with DM
    • Keep team’s morale up
    • Handle conflict among the team effectively and amicably
  • Self learning, increasing efficiency & productivity
    • Look for periodic feedback to identify areas of improvement and keep
      working on it with the help of mentors
    • Take conscious efforts to gain more knowledge on the areas which will
      help in improving effectiveness, productivity etc (domain/ technology/
      tools/ methodology/ approaches etc)
    • Keep upgrading on new skills required to get to the next level. Work
      with a reporting manager/mentor to keep yourself focused and

  • Technical
    • Good domain knowledge
    • Good analysis skill
    • Understanding Project Life Cycles and Project Management Processes
    • Risk Identification and mitigation skill
    • Good knowledge of tools used for project management (Google docs, PMT, Version control, bug tracking etc)
  • Communication skill
    • Ability to interact in English (Grammatically correct)
    • Good written and verbal skill (Ability to express thoughts clearly and specifically)
    • Confidence and assertiveness in talking to the customer and internal team
    • Ability to use effective media (image, charts, tables) to increase clarity
    • Ability to demonstrate project functionalities to customer/Onsite team
  • Organizational and Planning Skills
    • Good listening skill and habit of taking notes
    • Plan on assigned task/ activities according to priority and importance
    • Conflict resolution skills
    • Negotiation and Influencing Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Team-Building and Motivating Skills
    • Team handling skill
    • Task assignment and Delegation skill

Must-haves for this gig:

  • Bachelor's degree and relevant experience
  • 5+ years relevant experience in Project Management


  • Significant experience to drive special initiatives/projects involving CFT.
  • Ability to drive transformation at the workplace.
  • Attention to detail and good judgment.
  • Demonstrated expertise training managers and employees.

To Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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